Great news! We have more information about the AP test. The AP test will be an online test you can do from home. The AP English test is set for Wednesday, May 20th, at 11:00. Students should get a link before the test date. It will cover material that should have been covered by early March. They have also released some great classes for AP on Youtube at Make sure to check them out. A practice test is due to be out before testing day. We will let you know when that information comes our way.

They did have a stern warning for those who might be tempted to cheat. They say that there will be multiple checks for plagiarism or other individuals doing the work for the student. They said if someone is flagged as cheating, there will be a penalty, and the schools the student has chosen to send scores to will be notified. I know no one in Knappa would ever be tempted, so I am positive they were talking about students in those other states, but they wanted us to pass that on. As we get more information, we will send it your way. Good luck!

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