We are now ready to start looking at next year and seeing what classes you might want to take. Things are a little different than in the past, so please check out the instructions under the resource tab. Just a reminder for the incoming juniors and seniors. We rotate chemistry and Physics each year and Physics is the class for next year. We also rotate AP English and AP US History and US history is coming up next year. If you are a junior you can take Physics instead of Earth Science. Seniors, if you are college bound, you will want to take Physics. The same goes for AP US history. Juniors, if you take it you will not take US history. Seniors will take it instead of Government. We have an Honors English for those who want to take a higher English and would take it instead of 11th or 12th regular English.

I know that some would like to be released early for work or help a teacher as an aide. That is not something that we forecast for in the spring. Please pick a full load of classes because I will have to give you a full schedule and if you don’t pick enough, I have to fill it in for you. We will also not know who will be teaching classes next year, so I will probably find out over the summer.

As always please email me with any questions you might have at gremarc@knappak12.org.

Have a fantastic week!

Mr. Gremar

4 thoughts on “Forecasting for next year!

  1. How many electives does corbin roe need to choose for 9th grade next year. I can’t down load to read it opens another kid app.


    1. I commented on the Facebook post but forgot he was a freshman he picks three regular electives and makes sure he picks both A and B for each class. Then he picks one more alternate elective. (Both A and B of that one also.


    1. Just go to the resource tab on the webpage and there is a video to show you how and step by step instructions on how to do it, if you have any problems, please let me know.


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