I hope everyone had a fantastic summer! We have quite the job ahead of us as we head into the fall semester. I have had some questions about what school might look like. We are driven by the Governor’s directions, the health department, and the limitations of our building. Due to this week’s press releases by the Governor, the K-3 can have school in the building, but the rest will have to wait, unfortunately. Hopefully things get back to normal and we can see your smiling faces ASAP!

We have a couple of options for our students. Right now everyone 4th grade and above is going to be online. One group, the KVA, is utilizing a program that is already put together but will be monitored by a teacher at Knappa.

The other option is to stay in your normal class and receive online instruction from a grade level classroom teacher. When we start being able to go back to in person, you would then attend this teacher’s room.

If you would like to have your child attend KVA, you will need to sign up, but you will need to remember if we come back to school, your child will remain home and in KVA.

If you would like to have the other option, you don’t have to do anything, you are already set to go!

We are working on a schedule that will work for all possibilities this year and this is definitely a work in progress. There are some possibilities of the shop or other programs being available so we will keep our fingers crossed.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at gremarc@knappak12.org. For now, enjoy the sunshine and get those minds ready for school!

One thought on “Welcome to the end of summer!

  1. Do you know when the high school kids will get their schedules? And has there been a plan put in place for them to get their school supplies and chromebooks?


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