Welcome to the New Year!

I hope you have had a super fantastic summer! School starts rolling on Monday and a lot of people have been working really hard to get us there. Thanks to all the teachers and administrators that have worked so hard all summer long!

Schedules should be up on your studentvue account. This was the craziest year for scheduling that I have ever seen, but we finally have them mostly done…mostly….

There are actually two different schedules this year. The one you see is for distance learning and the hybrid model. The hybrid model is the one we will have if we are able to start coming back into the building a couple of days a week. If we come back full time (like having regular school) the whole master schedule will change to something completely different. We will reveal that schedule if we come back full time.

We have had a lot of eyes look at the schedule but there still might be mistakes. Please let me know if anything looks a little crazy.

We had extra special fun with the electives. Some teachers are helping with the online school and aren’t available to teach electives and the electives we picked had to work with both distance learning and the special cohort conditions with the hybrid model. Hopefully we can come back to school full time and get back into a normal routine of classes and sports and put all of this behind us!

Again, if you have any questions, please email me at gremarc@knappak12.org.

Have a great week!

Welcome to the end of summer!

I hope everyone had a fantastic summer! We have quite the job ahead of us as we head into the fall semester. I have had some questions about what school might look like. We are driven by the Governor’s directions, the health department, and the limitations of our building. Due to this week’s press releases by the Governor, the K-3 can have school in the building, but the rest will have to wait, unfortunately. Hopefully things get back to normal and we can see your smiling faces ASAP!

We have a couple of options for our students. Right now everyone 4th grade and above is going to be online. One group, the KVA, is utilizing a program that is already put together but will be monitored by a teacher at Knappa.

The other option is to stay in your normal class and receive online instruction from a grade level classroom teacher. When we start being able to go back to in person, you would then attend this teacher’s room.

If you would like to have your child attend KVA, you will need to sign up, but you will need to remember if we come back to school, your child will remain home and in KVA.

If you would like to have the other option, you don’t have to do anything, you are already set to go!

We are working on a schedule that will work for all possibilities this year and this is definitely a work in progress. There are some possibilities of the shop or other programs being available so we will keep our fingers crossed.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at gremarc@knappak12.org. For now, enjoy the sunshine and get those minds ready for school!

Forecasting for next year!

We are now ready to start looking at next year and seeing what classes you might want to take. Things are a little different than in the past, so please check out the instructions under the resource tab. Just a reminder for the incoming juniors and seniors. We rotate chemistry and Physics each year and Physics is the class for next year. We also rotate AP English and AP US History and US history is coming up next year. If you are a junior you can take Physics instead of Earth Science. Seniors, if you are college bound, you will want to take Physics. The same goes for AP US history. Juniors, if you take it you will not take US history. Seniors will take it instead of Government. We have an Honors English for those who want to take a higher English and would take it instead of 11th or 12th regular English.

I know that some would like to be released early for work or help a teacher as an aide. That is not something that we forecast for in the spring. Please pick a full load of classes because I will have to give you a full schedule and if you don’t pick enough, I have to fill it in for you. We will also not know who will be teaching classes next year, so I will probably find out over the summer.

As always please email me with any questions you might have at gremarc@knappak12.org.

Have a fantastic week!

Mr. Gremar

Foundation Scholarship update

We have an update on the foundation scholarship. The new due date is April 17. We will be sending them electronically to the foundation at this time. We will be creating a shared folder where you can drop your scholarship when you are finished. If you are unable to do that, please email a copy to Mrs. Smalley or Mr. Gremar, and we will drop it in the folder. If you are unable to send or upload an electronic copy, please contact Mr. Gremar, and we will make other arrangements. Good luck, and if you have any questions, please let us know! We will be contacting students about interviews when we have that worked out with the foundation.

New AP info

Great news! We have more information about the AP test. The AP test will be an online test you can do from home. The AP English test is set for Wednesday, May 20th, at 11:00. Students should get a link before the test date. It will cover material that should have been covered by early March. They have also released some great classes for AP on Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/user/advancedplacement. Make sure to check them out. A practice test is due to be out before testing day. We will let you know when that information comes our way.

They did have a stern warning for those who might be tempted to cheat. They say that there will be multiple checks for plagiarism or other individuals doing the work for the student. They said if someone is flagged as cheating, there will be a penalty, and the schools the student has chosen to send scores to will be notified. I know no one in Knappa would ever be tempted, so I am positive they were talking about students in those other states, but they wanted us to pass that on. As we get more information, we will send it your way. Good luck!

Welcome to the site

There are many changes that are going to be coming our way for the rest of the year. Take a deep breath, relax, and we will get through this. I will be posting updates on everything from senior projects to credits to forecasting for next year. Please make sure to check in regularly to see any updates.

AP info

Collegeboard has made many changes to help students receive credit in Advanced Placement courses during this time. They are making a big change with the AP test this year. They have changed the AP exam to be a free 45 minutes exam that can be taken online from home, for this year only. More information is expected on April 3rd. For more info please check out the AP update website: https://apcentral.collegeboard.org/about-ap/news-changes/coronavirus-update