Welcome to the New Year!

I hope you have had a super fantastic summer! School starts rolling on Monday and a lot of people have been working really hard to get us there. Thanks to all the teachers and administrators that have worked so hard all summer long! Schedules should be up on your studentvue account. This was the craziest … Continue reading Welcome to the New Year!

Welcome to the end of summer!

I hope everyone had a fantastic summer! We have quite the job ahead of us as we head into the fall semester. I have had some questions about what school might look like. We are driven by the Governor’s directions, the health department, and the limitations of our building. Due to this week’s press releases … Continue reading Welcome to the end of summer!

Forecasting for next year!

We are now ready to start looking at next year and seeing what classes you might want to take. Things are a little different than in the past, so please check out the instructions under the resource tab. Just a reminder for the incoming juniors and seniors. We rotate chemistry and Physics each year and … Continue reading Forecasting for next year!

Foundation Scholarship update

We have an update on the foundation scholarship. The new due date is April 17. We will be sending them electronically to the foundation at this time. We will be creating a shared folder where you can drop your scholarship when you are finished. If you are unable to do that, please email a copy … Continue reading Foundation Scholarship update

New AP info

Great news! We have more information about the AP test. The AP test will be an online test you can do from home. The AP English test is set for Wednesday, May 20th, at 11:00. Students should get a link before the test date. It will cover material that should have been covered by early … Continue reading New AP info

Welcome to the site

There are many changes that are going to be coming our way for the rest of the year. Take a deep breath, relax, and we will get through this. I will be posting updates on everything from senior projects to credits to forecasting for next year. Please make sure to check in regularly to see … Continue reading Welcome to the site

AP info

Collegeboard has made many changes to help students receive credit in Advanced Placement courses during this time. They are making a big change with the AP test this year. They have changed the AP exam to be a free 45 minutes exam that can be taken online from home, for this year only. More information … Continue reading AP info

Forecasting for next year

Over the next month, we will begin opening up forecasting for next year. When it is live and accessible, we will be contacting students to let them know how to work through the process. Continue checking out this webpage for updates.

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